Welcome to the Academy

True horsemanship is not a journey. It's a process.


With clear objectives, best practices & results. 


  Driven by action, not circumstance.


 In the pursuit of excellence.


"There are two ways to make progress in horsemanship - slow grinding steps, or quantum leaps. This program is designed for quantum leaps. It's very intensive and not for everyone. But if you're truly seeking maximum results with your horses, I'm ready to help you achieve them.

Rethink what your horse is capable of.


At Lundahl Performance, our goal is to turn horses into performers - bringing each horse up to their highest level of ability. We teach horses to understand their jobs and excel at them. Likewise, we seek out riders and owners who want to become thinking horsemen - proactive and focused students of the horse. We combine this inspiration with a smart training program. The result is a stunning transformation. 


The Horseman's Academy is for those who are serious about their horsemanship goals. It's a next-gen mentoring experience that puts traditional lessons to shame. We use technology to build on a foundation of hands-on experience. Say goodbye to unfulfilled potential. Say hello to the performance you deserve. 




Shorten the distance between exercise and excellence.


Knowledge is power. When you understand everything, you can accomplish anything. In the Horseman's Academy every lesson is simple, yet deeply interconnected with the other exercises and maneuvers you're working on. We hold nothing back, giving you the hardcore tools that others are reluctant to teach.

The best of both worlds. Now even better.


We launched the Horseman's Academy to create a far better learning environment for you and your horse. The goal was easy to grasp, but the solution demanded real innovation.


To start, we looked at what was already working.  The most common way we've helped horse owners - up to now - has been the Private Lesson. This is our on-site workshop where we drive or fly out to work with you 1-on-1 for several consecutive days. It's like a mini horsemanship clinic. 

But for all the benefits of a private lesson, there was still room for improvement. How could we make the experience better? How could we improve success rates and retention following a lesson? How could we provide long-term support that was actually effective? Hands-on help is preferable, but not always practical. Online content is a popular alternative, but we hate the cold, passive experiences found in nearly all video libraries, clubs and forums out there. We wanted the opposite of that. 

So we put two and two together. We took the best elements of the hands-on lesson and the best elements of digital mentorship, and reinvented everything from the ground up. The result? A revolutionary horsemanship experience. That means greater performance from your horse, and greater enjoyment for you. 

There's nothing virtual about it.


The Horseman's Academy is reinventing how results are delivered with horses. We use new technology to turbocharge your real-world experience with us, and keep that momentum going far into the future. This isn't a spectator sport. We're actively involved every step of the way. 

Your own training series. Starring your horse.


Picture this. Lundahl Performance arrives at your barn for a private lesson. But along with our boots and spurs, we've packed an entire mobile production suite for video and audio content. Your lesson just doubled into a massive opportunity.


Chances are you've watched training videos that featured other horses in the past. Perhaps you've applied the concepts in those videos with moderate success. So just think: How much better would you be if you had an entire training series dedicated to you and your horse? If you had lesson plans based on exactly where you're at right now, and where you want to be? If you had continuous input from a trainer who intimately understands your horse's capabilities?


That's what the Horseman's Academy is about: Delivering the results you and your horse need, when and where you need them.

Sound like a lot of work? Then you'll be stunned at how easy it is with the technology at our disposal. The whole system is seamless. It works like magic and doesn't distract from your lesson experience one bit. It's easy on you, and it's easy on us. Ten years ago we would've needed a film crew to haul, set up and run equipment like this. All we need today is a checked bag. 

On the last day of your lesson, we set aside extra time for a mini-workshop to deliver our comprehensive Success Kit. It's the exact blueprint you need to capitalize on the progress you've made. You'll know exactly what to expect from the next 12 months of your Horseman's Academy experience. This lesson is just the beginning. 

Quantum growth for thinking horsemen. 


You can't solve problems with the same mindset that created them. Quantum growth means a fundamental shift in how you think about horses - and yourself. It means thinking outside the box and re-writing the rules. The Academy will change your perspective on horsemanship. You'll see things you wouldn't otherwise see, and make connections you wouldn't otherwise make.

Don't learn the system. Master it.


Your lesson experience, and the content produced from it, will have a powerful impact on your horsemanship. You'll come away laser-focused and ready to capitalize on this surge of improvement.

The long-term benefits are just as groundbreaking. You'll get access to the entire Horseman's Academy ecosystem - all the content we produce, plus a private Facebook group for members just like you. In addition to all the lesson materials, you'll participate in exclusive live streams and 1-on-1 coaching sessions all year long. 

But that's just icing on the cake compared to the concepts and exercises at the core of our program. We teach skills the average clinician wouldn't dare try to cover. That's what really makes the Horseman's Academy unique. 


In the Horseman's Academy you'll learn many new exercises and tools to apply with your horses. But you won't be restricted to just one set of instruments. You'll be playing the whole orchestra. 

Ask and you shall receive.  


Questions? Want more information? We value your time, and ours too. A quick phone call is the best way for us to provide answers. Just click here to book a brief Strategy Session on our calendar. There's no obligation or cost to speak with us directly. 


Stop the journey-ing.

Start achieving.


Advanced horsemanship isn't a whimsical journey with no underlying ambition. It's a process, focused on exponential growth in the shortest amount of time. It's about working smarter, and harder. 


This intensive process includes detailed course elements, audio/video training content and individualized lesson plans, in addition to your on-site boot camp. During your Strategy Session, we'll dive into the entire Academy system from start to finish. But here's a basic outline of the program so you get a taste of what to expect: 



| High-Performance Mindset & Philosophy Training 

Dive right in to our next-level Horsemanship Philosophy course, coupled with High-Performance Mindset training. You'll clarify your horsemanship vision, get a massive confidence boost, and gain the perspective needed to leave your comfort zone in the dust.

| Advanced Horsemanship 2-Day Boot Camp

Kick-start your exponential growth with this intense two-day lesson. We deliver the concentrated training needed to boost your horse's immediate performance, while establishing a benchmark for long-term success. We film your entire lesson; producing hours of priceless video and audio content with you and your horse. These training sessions, along with the material in your Success Kit, prove immensely valuable as you continue advancing in the weeks and months ahead.

| Continuing Mentorship and Exclusive Benefits

Capitalize on your momentum with our continual guidance. Join the private Facebook group to create, share and interact with other Thinking Horsemen. Plus get access to a full ecosystem of content and coaching tools: Video and audio training sessions, updated lesson plans, exclusive live streams and 1-on-1 coaching. It's the active, focused and personalized input you need. 


In case it wasn't obvious by now, the Horseman's Academy is a select group - not a subscription based club where anyone with a pulse can join. We're creating a tight-knit guild of sincere, goal-oriented horsemen who want to support and learn from each other. It's a positive team atmosphere where everyone is on the same page. 

One more thing. When it comes to horses, we don't believe in gimmicks or quick fixes. We believe in smart tools and strategies applied with hard work, consistency and efficient investment of time. And that's what the Horseman's Academy is designed to help you do.


Every case is different, and we don't know you or your horse yet. So let's change that! Get a taste of the mentorship you'll experience as an Academy member by clicking the button for a Free Strategy Session below. Tell us about your horses, ask training questions, and find out how the Academy program can put you in striking distance of your horsemanship goals. 

If you've read this far, we have only one question: What are you waiting for? Success is closer than you think. Click the button below and take action!