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Lundahl Performance Presents:

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Achieve Stunningly Advanced Feel, Connection & Confidence

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Discover the proven formula to take your horse from "fundamentals" to "finesse" — faster than you ever dreamed possible.

 Launch Sale: Buy Now for $297
Save 25% (was $397)

Foundations Of Excellence

The Breakthrough You've Been Waiting For...

Step up to a higher level of horsemanship and eliminate boredom forever.

Foundations Of Excellence gives you the proven formula to advance beyond the basics and take your horse from fundamentals to finesse — faster.  

Discover the revolutionary High Level Pathway (HLP) training system that will supercharge your confidence, teach you elite feel and timing, and unlock your horse's full potential.

Ride along with professional trainer Jake Lundahl and learn the exact approach that's transformed timid beginner riders into confident, capable horsemen who now show competitively in NRHA and NRCHA events. 

This program teaches you how to duplicate the results of the world's best horse trainers at a fraction of the cost. Your level of previous experience does not matter. Everything you need is provided in this step-by-step program. Follow the steps, and you will see results.

Here's what to expect inside this course:


 Over 50 step-by-step instructional videos

 High Level Pathway e-book and training guide

 ABCs of advanced body control

 The secrets of advanced collection and softness

 Developing shape at the walk, trot and lope

 Leg yielding, sidepassing, two-tracking

 Shoulder in shoulder out, counterbending

 Collected lead departures, pushing the hip up

 Softness and balance on a straight line

 Getting a horse dialed in on the circle

 Teaching and refining the spin 

 Creating a balanced, collected stop on "whoa"

 The secrets to teach a sliding stop

 Advanced transitions, steering and guiding

 The secrets to establish a true neck rein and riding one-handed with ease

 The secrets to teach consistent, soft, effortless flying lead changes

 Fixing and refining your horse's backup

 Exercises demonstrated with multiple horses (cowhorse, reiner, OTTB, etc.)

 Real student sessions filmed during our horsemanship immersion program

 Always online, stream anywhere via computer or mobile device

 Pay once for lifetime access to content (no subscriptions or other charges)


 Launch Sale: Buy Now for $297 

 Save 25% (was $397) 

What Others Are Saying...

"All I can say is, phenomenal program! I've been practicing the exercises with my mare and I can't believe how different she feels. We're doing more advanced things and yet she is so relaxed and willing! I feel more connected to her than ever before. Thank you!"

— Christine


"In our loping session last night I finally felt that true collection and softness you mentioned. I get chills just thinking about it! It was so cool. Thank you for doing what you do."

— Jennifer


"I always had problems with my horse running out of the spin and stopping hard and heavy on the front end. Both problems are now fixed thanks to your course." 

— Dale


"Each lesson goes straight to the point and uses no filler content. The principles you learn are easily transferable to every discipline or activity you can do with a horse."

— Terry


"The lead change training was pure gold. I've struggled with flying changes for a long time and never seen anybody explain it like this. Your approach makes way more sense than anything else I've tried."

— Maria


"Your ability to translate lessons or advice with technical detail is exceptional." 

— Ryan


"I have gained more confidence than I can accurately put into words. The step by step instruction to help a novice rider, as I humbly am, acquire feel and timing.  The largest benefit of this process is my horse's calm softness with the process. She offers so much try and willingness without being worried and bracey. This allows us to get so much accomplished with each lesson."

— Carrie


 Launch Sale: Buy Now for $297

 Save 25% (was $397) 

Why Foundations Of Excellence?


Hi, I’m Jake Lundahl.

I specialize in getting five-thousand dollar horses to ride like fifty-thousand dollar horses.


But you know what I love more than training my own?

Helping beginner and intermediate riders develop the skills to train and show their own horses with confidence. Teaching advanced horsemanship to newbies and turning them into high rollers. 

My goal for every horse owner I work with is to coach them so well, they advance beyond needing to hire me. 

If you're on this page right now you probably have a lot in common with the horse owners I help in my private lessons and training programs. 

You want to be all you can be. You own a horse with lots of potential. You have a solid grasp of the basics. Sure, there's still lots to learn, but you've come a long way and worked hard to get the knowledge and skills you have. You take pride in your horsemanship and have put in the blood, sweat and tears to get where you are. 

But you may also be feeling a bit rudderless, frustrated or "stuck" in certain areas right now. Like you're still missing some of the pieces and not getting where you truly want to be in your horsemanship. Things just aren't "clicking" like they should be.

You know that you and your horse could be doing better.
A lot better.


But you're struggling with how to ADVANCE — how to transition from the basics to the next level.

Most horse owners are vaguely aware of the softening, leg yielding and body control exercises they need to master advanced riding. But they're unsure how, when or where to start teaching them. 

Their horse feels over-bent and “wiggly” in certain areas, yet stiff as a board in others. Trying to refine anything, or teach advanced maneuvers like lead changes, spins, circles and stops remains an intimidating mystery.

Sometimes their horse gets it, sometimes not. Some days their horse feels really dialed in and connected, other days he's off with the fairies. It's all very “hit-or-miss”, and the cause of this inconsistency remains unknown which is deeply frustrating. 

​In many cases these owners begin to feel stagnation and boredom creeping into their current training regimen. They notice bad habits sprouting up. They experience regression, even outright FAILURE to perform basic exercises that used to be effortless.

They know they're capable of more, and so are their horses. But they're held back by incomplete knowledge, low confidence, or lack of a clear path forward. 

If any of this sounds familiar... then I have good news: 

​Foundations Of Excellence was created for horse owners just like you, to solve these exact problems. 

Inside this course, I unveil a breakthrough training system that is light years ahead of anything else out there. 

It's a methodology I call the High Level Pathway

The High Level Pathway is a sequence of exercises that reverse-engineers the responsiveness, softness and control of an elite performance horse; putting it into a step-by-step process that you and your horse can easily master. 

You'll discover how advanced maneuvers like “flying lead changes”, and complex multi-faceted concepts like “collection”, can be broken down into simple building blocks (like Lego) that are easy to pick up and play with.

Even if you've never ridden an advanced horse before, this system provides a foolproof blueprint to building your awareness of what you should be feeling at each stage of the training process; what type of responses from the horse to look for and reward. 

And the best part? 

The High Level Pathway is just ONE unique element you'll learn inside this course! 

There is so much more waiting for you to discover...

​Foundations Of Excellence takes you and your horse on an adventure from horsemanship fundamentals to astonishing mastery and connection.

It's not just about acquiring new skills. It's also about learning how to connect more deeply with your horse; how to ride with a level of skill and finesse normally reserved for world class trainers and elite horses.

If you're pursuing any western performance discipline or event (reining, cowhorse, roping, barrel racing, ranch riding, trail, stock horse, gymkhana, etc.) then you need this course because it'll make you instantly more competitive. 

If you're not intending to show your horse but you're looking for new challenges and ways to advance your riding, then you need this course because it'll unlock a deeper, more fluid and intuitive level of communication with your horse. That means more effortless handling, which means more confidence and fun in the saddle for you. 

So, how much? 


Just a one-time payment for lifetime access to the material, and you'll never be charged again. 

Why is the price so low?

Because I'm on a mission to make advanced horsemanship accessible. 

I want you to take this system, apply it, and go have tons of fun and success with your horses.

I'm tired of seeing too many horse owners languish in "advanced beginner" purgatory for years. And before they figure things out, their horses get old on them, and whatever potential they may have had is wasted forever. I don't want that for you. I want you and your horse to be all you can be. I want you help bring you both up to your highest level of ability so you can enjoy an amazing life together.

Are you ready to ride along with me?

Join today and get 25% off the regular price of $397 (limited time offer). 



 50+ instructional videos plus downloadable training playbook.

 Advanced softening and transitions, leg yielding, spins, sliding stops, flying lead changes, circles, neck reining, and much more!

 Watch anywhere, anytime, on any computer or mobile device.


 Launch Sale: Buy Now for $297 

 Save 35% (was $397) 

Frequently Asked Questions

"When do I get access to the videos?"

Lifetime access is granted instantly after purchase. You'll enter your email at checkout, which is the same email you'll use to log in and watch the training videos on my site. Upon buying the course you'll automatically get an email receipt with a login link and next steps. 


"Do you have a guarantee?"

Yes, this course comes with a 14-day zero risk guarantee. If you purchase Foundations Of Excellence and feel you didn't get a ridiculous amount more value than you paid for, email us for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.


"How do I know if this will work for me?"

Dozens of students have already bought this course and had massive success with it. We "stealth-launched" the 1.0 version last year and the feedback from our customers was overwhelmingly positive. Since then, we've made this course even better — adding brand new content and making it easier to follow. And the real life results speak for themselves. When you buy Foundations Of Excellence, you get the exact information and exercises that I've been teaching my private clients for years. It is the most efficient and effective system for learning intermediate and advanced riding skills in the world.


"Is this right for my horse?"

If your horse is sound and healthy with more than 30 total rides under saddle in its life, Foundations Of Excellence is the perfect fit. Generally speaking, these methods are intended to be applied with saddle horses and ponies of any breed who have a simple foundation and are ready to advance. It is not meant for unstarted colts or "problem" horses (horses that consistently buck or rear under saddle, are out of control, etc). If your horse has a poor foundation or none at all, then you're not ready for this course and you need Colt Starting Secrets instead. 


"I bought other programs in the past and never got results. How is Foundations Of Excellence different from the other stuff I've tried?"

​Those other programs failed because they didn't help you develop better intuition. That's not your fault, either. Most training programs and home-study courses lack essential context and structure. Instead they offer a hodgepodge of exercises and techniques that might work for one specific horse or situation, but aren't universally applicable. They don't reflect the real training strategies used by high-level professionals behind the scenes. So unless you're a professional trainer yourself, you're missing all the "tradecraft" that's hiding in plain sight. You're not picking up on the subtle, unspoken insights that are really the "glue" holding everything together. Without this intuition, advanced skills become baffling and every new thing feels like you're starting from scratch.

Foundations Of Excellence eliminates this problem.
I give you everything you need to be successful. Those subtle insights and "tricks of the trade" are not only exposed and explained in detail, but they're put into a step-by-step system that you can follow and master yourself. Better yet, you don’t need to be a naturally gifted horse trainer to accomplish this. Your success or failure with this course hinges on — quite simply — your ability to follow the steps.

Because you’re following a proven process, you won’t waste precious time and brainpower puzzling over whether or not you’re doing the right things with your horse. Never again will you be worried about missing something, or wondering where you’re at, or what your horse is or isn’t ready for, or what the implications of that might be long term. All those distractions evaporate, so you can just focus on accomplishing the simple steps laid out in front of you each day and keep building toward your horsemanship goals. 


"But if this is so good, why don't you charge more?"

I care about helping horses and people. This course gives me the opportunity to reach and positively impact more lives than I could ever accomplish in person. 

My goal is to make advanced horsemanship accessible, so as game-changing and powerful as the information is, it has to be affordable too.

I'm optimistic that you'll be so blown away by the results you achieve with this series, you might consider hiring me for in-person training or a private lesson in the future. In that case you'll get more "bang for your buck" because you'll already have a head start with my program. I won't have to waste your time explaining the "why" behind everything. We can dive straight into the exercises and tactics that work.


"What if I need help or have questions?"

My info and links to contact me are in the first module of the course. Members get access to my Facebook group, plus several additional avenues to reach out privately (email, private message, 1-on-1 coaching call) for direct and incisive feedback.


 50+ instructional videos, student lessons, and bonus content
✔ Step-by-step training playbook
​✔ Private Facebook community with additional exclusive content
​✔ Lifetime access to all future updates
​✔ Inside look at real client horses in my performance training program

 Order now and get $100 off (Launch Sale, Save 25%)



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