All-Around Program


If the Performance program is akin to an elite boarding school, then the All-Around program is like boot camp. It's an intensive eight-week groundwork and riding course for colts that need started under saddle, older horses needing a tune-up, or problem horses in need of remedial training. 


Perhaps you lack the time or experience necessary to train your own horse from scratch. Or you're at the end of your rope and need help overcoming chronic issues. Or maybe you just need extra polish and refinement on an already broke horse. No matter the challenges, the all-around program produces the results you're looking for.

For the first 4 weeks of the program, we establish a solid foundation of essential groundwork and riding exercises. We correct bad habits and root out behavioral issues; setting the cornerstone for a safe and enjoyable partnership. From there, the second half of the program aims to teach and refine more advanced exercises and concepts tailored to your horse's abilities and your personal ambitions.


If your goal is to trail ride and conquer all sorts of obstacles, we focus more on obstacle work. If you want a safe, quiet horse for your daughter or son to ride, we emphasize getting the horse soft, quiet and bombproof. If you have more showing or performance-related ambitions, we tailor the program to set the horse up for success in your chosen discipline. 

Not only can we develop your horse into a safe, respectful partner for you to have fun with, but your horse's new level of training will make you a better horseman overall. Your horse’s improved levels of softness and control will - in turn - boost your confidence, fine-tune your horsemanship abilities and make the time you spend with your equine partner far more enjoyable. 

You won't find another program as transparent, accountable, and effective as ours. For more information and program pricing, click here to book a 35-minute Strategy Session. If you're ready to transform your relationship with your horse, you've come to the right place!