All-Around  FAQ


Our introductory packet answers the most common questions regarding the all-around training program, including pricing. For more information, we invite you to book a one-on-one Strategy Session at your convenience.

| What breeds or types of horses do you accept?

We accept all types of saddle horses for this program, provided they are sound and healthy enough to handle the training.

| What will my horse learn?

You can view the core curriculum of the program here.

| Are there any age restrictions for these horses?

Yes, we accept horses for training between the ages of 2 and 10. Exceptions can sometimes be made for older horses with a clean bill of health and good physical condition.

| Is there a minimum amount of training the horse needs before entering your program?

No, we accept horses of all levels, whether started under saddle or not. In fact, if your horse has no prior training at all, this program will provide the foundation and consistency your horse needs.

| Do you take in horses for any less than 8 weeks?

No, we believe that 8 weeks is the minimum time window that is actually worth the owner's investment. We want to achieve results that far outclass the typical trainer. Therefore we require a minimum of 8 weeks to get the horse riding and handling at the level we expect.

| Are there any other prerequisites?

Yes, your horse must have a valid Health Certificate and a negative Coggins, submitted prior to the horse's arrival for training. You will also need to sign a liability release form prior to your lesson at the conclusion of the 8 weeks.

| Who will be training my horse? 

Jake and Amy are currently accepting all-around horses. Both trainers deliver the same program, so take your pick!

| I live too far away and can't haul the horse myself. Are there any other options for me? 

Yes, we work with several reputable equine carriers and can arrange transport for your horse to and from our facility. We accept horses from all over the country, and it's common practice for owners who live far away to send horses via transport.

| What is the process for enrolling my horse? 

If you’re interested in what our program has to offer, you can book a quick Strategy Session. We'll get in touch with you directly to answer questions about the program, discuss your goals as a horse owner, and determine your eligibility.


If we feel you and your horse would be a good fit, we'll send you a program packet filled with in-depth information for you to look over. If you decide to send your horse for training, we'll follow up with you and complete your acceptance into the program.