Arizona Adventure

Horsemanship, Obstacle & Trail Clinic, July 18-19

Join us for an amazing weekend of horsemanship, obstacle work, and training on the trail in the Arizona Desert. This is an exclusive two-day, two-location event. Email for more info, or click here to sign up. Spots are limited so reserve yours today!


This clinic is for riders seeking higher levels of softness, control and confidence with their horses. Classes will be taught by Jake Lundahl and Amy Keegel. You can learn more about both trainers here.


Clinic curriculum will cover a wide range of exercises designed to root out any bad habits or holes in your horse's foundation, before launching into more advanced topics. Sessions will include:

  • Day One - Training in the Arena

    • Groundwork Skills 101 

    • Trailer Loading

    • Core Exercises Under Saddle 

    • Impulsion & Steering 

    • Softening & Yielding

    • Transitions

  • Day Two - Training on the Trail

    • Core Exercises Review

    • Impulsion & Steering Refinement

    • Softening & Yielding Refinement

    • Transitions Refinement

    • Obstacle Training with Confidence

    • Using Natural Environments to Your Advantage

    • Advanced Training on the Trail



Classes will be held from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, July 18th - 19th. 


Clinic will be split between two separate locations. Participants will complete Day 1 and are encouraged to spend the night at the first location in Flagstaff. On the morning of Day 2, the class will load up and haul to the second location in Seligman. 

  • Day One - Flagstaff 

    • Posse Arena at Fort Tuthill County Park

  • Day Two - Seligman 

    • Private location with access to BLM land



There's a difference between horses and owners that "just trail ride" together, versus those who engage in recreational awesomeness. This clinic will show you how to have more fun with your horse than you ever thought possible. Enjoy a massive skill and confidence boost, while building a better partnership in the arena and out on the trail.


Entry fee for this clinic is just $600. Click here to register, or email for more information.