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Texs Rooster Boy

"Cooper"  —  2013 AQHA Gelding

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Cooper Left View
Cooper Front View
Cooper Hind View
Cooper Right View

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  Personal Note from Jake & Amy Lundahl:  



Dear Friend, 

Anyone having the slightest knowledge of the time, effort, and money required to train a horse with this level of finish... will wonder why Cooper's price isn't much higher. 


Cooper is the outcome of nine years of patient and deliberate investment. He has everything you want in a deluxe versatility and family horse. 

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  Honest, Easygoing & Quiet   In addition to his professional training, Cooper has been handled and ridden successfully by non-pros for years. Riders who lack confidence or experience will feel safe on him. He's a reliable teammate who's laid-back and forgiving of rookie mistakes. 


  Seasoned Veteran   Cooper has been hauled all over the country for trail rides, amateur shows, horsemanship clinics, cuttings, team pennings, ranch work, obstacle challenges, and more. The result of those countless miles of real world experience? To the rider, an unmistakable feeling of composure and finish — a horse who is soft, willingly guided, and confident in his job.

  Low Maintenance   This horse is the definition of an easy keeper. He requires no special feed or supplements. He's always been sound. No vices. Effortlessly stands for trimming, bathing and clipping. He's good in cross-ties, loads on a trailer and hauls like a pro. 

  Fun To Play With   Cooper has some buttons on him that a skilled rider will appreciate, and a novice will find thrilling. For example when stopping, he doesn't just cease forward motion. He actively engages his hind end, holds the ground and slides to a soft, collected stop. When spinning — he doesn't require constant kicking and pulling. Simply open your inside leg, initiate the spin, and feel Cooper instinctually find his balance, build momentum, and maintain the spin on his own — without rider interference. Backing, sidepassing, leg yielding, flying lead changes... Cooper can do it all. Ride him straight up in a bridle, or ditch the headgear and just go bridleless. He'll be soft and responsive no matter how you choose to ride.

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  Priced Right   Cooper is owned by a longtime friend and client of ours, who has invested many months of additional training in him, and wants to find him a great new home. He's priced to sell at $45,000. Unlike a public auction, there is no incentive to run up the price beyond what is reasonable. We aren't taking a commission either. We have one simple goal: Help our friend by finding the perfect new owner for Cooper, who will love and appreciate him as much as we do. 

  Lifetime Support System   We proudly stand behind every horse we offer, and do everything possible to ensure each new partnership gets the best possible start. We never sell a horse sight-unseen. We insist on working with any potential buyer 1-on-1 to ensure compatibility. After purchase, we offer follow-up and support via direct coaching and online training resources. When you buy a horse through us, you don't just get the horse. You get that lifetime support system as well. 


If you're an experienced rider who doesn't need much help? Great. We'll still spend, at minimum, a full day with you as you interact with Cooper and put him through his paces under saddle — to ensure you're both a perfect fit for each other. 

If you're a novice, or just getting back to riding after a long hiatus? That's okay too. If you've never ridden an advanced horse before, Cooper's handling and level of control will be unlike to anything you've ever felt. If you're serious about buying this horse and riding him the way he's meant to be ridden, we'll teach you how to connect with Cooper and become the confident and effective leader he deserves. 

  Book Your Test Ride   Ready to meet Cooper for real? Better yet, take a lesson with him! We'll show you everything Cooper knows both on the ground and under saddle, and let you explore those exercises yourself, so you can determine if he's truly the lifetime partner you've been waiting for. 

For more information and to schedule a lesson with Cooper, email 

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