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Colt Starting Secrets

From Lundahl Performance Horses —  August 2023

Single Payment of $197 for Instant Lifetime Access

Colt Starting Secrets hands you the ultimate blueprint to start any horse under saddle with safety and confidence — building the foundation for a brand new partnership. Watch raw, full-length training sessions filmed with actual client horses. Each step is shown authentically and in context. No touchy-feely platitudes. No glitz and glamour. No "woo-woo" theories. This is the real deal.

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COLT STARTING SECRETS gives you everything you need to build the right foundation with a young horse, or fix the holes on an older one. Learn the system that's achieved powerful results with horses of all breeds and disciplines, from rescues to NRHA stars. Follow the steps, and you will be successful. 


  • 60 instructional videos plus step-by-step PDF guides.

  • Groundwork, hobble training, first saddling, first rides, cantering on a loose rein, steering and guiding exercises, softening and transitions exercises, advanced body control, and much more!

  • View anywhere, anytime, on any computer or mobile device.

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