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Superpowers for Horse Owners


We break advanced horsemanship down to simple building blocks (like Lego) and show you how to stack them for lifelong success.

We Do Horsemanship Differently

Lundahl Performance Horses was built to help you answer that question.

Born of the spirit of western stock horse traditions and fueled by a lifelong passion for equestrian excellence, LPH helps regular horse owners finally discover the purpose, partnership and performance they've been missing. 

We want more people to understand what riding a truly soft and refined horse is like. It's the best feeling in the world and nothing else quite compares. The confidence... the bond... the adrenaline of maximum performance... the realization of, "Yes! We can actually do this!"

Horses inspire huge passion and emotions in us, and we want to share that excitement — along with the practical steps to create it. 

That's why our mission is making advanced horsemanship accessible. 

We exist to help horses and humans discover their true potential — fueling partnerships that inspire a world of dreams & emotions.  

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