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Unlock your horse's potential and maximize safety, results and happiness

Accelerator is an eight week training program that builds the ultimate foundation of confidence and respect in your horse, and gives you the tools to achieve your dreams.

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Who it's for

The Accelerator training program is for horse owners who have a colt that needs started, or a horse with longstanding problems that needs a "reset" on his foundation.


Maybe you lack the time and consistency to train your own horse by yourself. Or maybe you're overwhelmed by a horse that's become difficult, and you want to transform your relationship for the better. In either case, if you want to do things right — if you want far better results than the average horse trainer can deliver — we have the time, expertise, and training system to help.


What it helps you achieve

Accelerator is like boot camp for horses. Curriculum includes: ​

  • Groundwork and riding in the indoor and outdoor arenas. 

  • Training on the trails and loping paths throughout our 65-Acre farm.

  • Groundwork refinement.

  • Obstacles, jumps and water crossings. 

  • Tying, hobbling and trailer training. 

  • Hauling to different locations. 

  • Riding quietly alone and in groups.


Every day for 8 weeks, your horse receives approximately 2.5 hours of intensive training on the ground and under saddle. He learns better habits and essential "skills that scale" —  gaining the ultimate foundation for success. It all culminates in a Lesson Day where you get to experience the life-changing results firsthand, practice the new exercises your horse has learned, and enjoy riding him at his highest level. 


The ultimate goal of the Accelerator program is to eliminate stress and speed up the learning process for both you and your horse. Your horse's training is rapidly advanced to a higher level, and at the same time, you get the personal guidance and support needed to improve your horsemanship and maintain those results. 


How it works


Accelerator provides everything needed to achieve total transformation with your horse:

Training: 2.5 hours per day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks.

Accomodation: World class care, nutrition, farrier and veterinary services for your horse.

Hospitality: Help with travel, horse transport and scheduling. 

Communication: Update calls every 2 weeks detailing your horse's progress. 

Lesson Day: Full day lesson with your horse at our farm ($900 value alone). 

Membership: Online courses and videos with optional subscription (huge lifetime discount). 
Lifetime Support: Follow-up calls, discounts on lessons, 24/7 troubleshooting via phone or email with Jake and Amy.


How to get started

If you’re a horse owner with a colt needing to be started, or an older horse needing a better foundation — and you're interested in a program that gets transformational results — schedule a call using the calendar below, and we'll get in touch with you to see if our Accelerator training program is a good fit.


If you have any questions, email

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