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Get the horse you've always wanted and achieve your dreams together.

DREAM HORSE ACADEMY is your ticket to a better horse life — where you and your horse connect, learn together, and become the ultimate team.

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"Your horse is amazing... are you a trainer?"


You get compliments like this whenever you ride in public. The trail... the fairgrounds... the back gate at the horse show... you're as comfortable there as you are at home. You always feel like you belong.


Your horse is confident, dialed-in, and focused on you. You're the one he looks to for guidance. He responds to your slightest cues without hesitation. When you say "move left", he moves left. When you say, "move right", he moves right. When you ask for a change of speed he comes back to you with a willing, buttery-soft feel. When you say "whoa" he melts into the ground and glides to a balanced, controlled stop.


The connection and trust you enjoy with your horse is obvious to everyone. Judges see it. They score you higher. Other riders see it. They compliment you and ask for training advice. Professional trainers, too, love seeing a non-pro who knows what they're doing and whose horse is legit. They smile and high-five you whenever you ride by.


It doesn't matter what level you're currently at or what your goals are. We bring world class training to your own back yard — where you actually need it — helping you level up your horsemanship while eliminating stress and hassle. 

Moments like these are a taste of what riding your Dream Horse feels like...


And making your dream a reality is easier than you might think.

How do we know? 

Because we've guided hundreds of people just like you through that exact transformation — from confusion, anxiety and mediocrity — to enjoying a seamless partnership built on mutual trust and respect. Opening new doors with their horses, and unlocking dreams they didn't know they had before. 


If that's what you want for you and your horse, allow us to introduce ourselves...​


We are Jake and Amy Lundahl.


We are professional horsemen. 


And the thing we love most — above all else — is helping people achieve things they never thought possible with their horses. Young, Old, Beginner, Expert, Western, English . . . we've worked with them all. Showed them a better way exists. And helped them experience it. ​

More confidence in the saddle? Being connected to a soft, responsive, willing horse that makes riding feel like flying? These are not "unobtainable" goals for only the top 1%...

They can be the starting point — the foundation for a new lifelong partnership you and your horse deserve.


That's what this program is all about. 

When you say "YES"  to the Dream Horse Academy, you get the future you want.


If you're like most horse owners we work with, you want these four outcomes:

Safety: You want to get your horse out of the stall, groom him, love on him, and saddle him up with zero stress or drama. 

Connection: You want to have a great ride where everything just "clicks" — you know exactly what to do, and the right way to ask for it. 

Confidence: You want to do the same thing again... and again... and again, every day you can spend with your horse.

Fulfillment: You want to enjoy the confidence, freedom and flexibility this new and better partnership offers... for the rest of your life.


So, how and when does this become your reality? 

It starts on your horse's Graduation Day.

You arrive at Noble Farm bright-eyed 'n' busy-tailed, wearing your most comfortable jeans and favorite pair of boots. 

You walk in the barn and see your horse for the first time since his training began 6 weeks ago.


He's resting comfortably in his stall — clean, shiny, even a bit more muscular than when you last saw him. He looks like a million dollars. You walk in the stall to greet him, and he nickers softly in recognition. You give him a kiss and pet him as he quietly munches from a hay net. 


Now it's time to see what your "new" horse knows. We halter him up, lead him out to the arena, and briefly demonstrate the most important groundwork skills your horse has learned. Then we turn the horse over to you, and guide you through performing these same exercises yourself.

After the groundwork session, it's time to saddle up and ride...

You feel a mix of excitement and nerves as you prepare to mount your horse.


You've been looking forward to this moment for months, but you're also not quite sure what to expect. This is the first time you've ridden your horse since his training began, and you're eager to see what he's learned.


Once in the saddle and ready, you take a deep breath and give your horse a gentle squeeze with your heels. He responds immediately, moving forward on a loose rein at a smooth and steady pace.


You can tell he's way more responsive and attentive than before. He's softer, more relaxed, and he understands and follows your cues much easier.


You have a new level of connection with him. The butterflies in your stomach disappear.

You feel more at ease with each passing minute. 


You continue to put the horse through his paces — walking, trotting and cantering on a loose rein, guiding him through a series of turns and transitions, even trying out a few obstacles to test his responsiveness and agility. He performs each exercise well, staying smooth and relaxed.


As you ride, we're right there with you — providing guidance and encouragement, helping you work on your own skills as well as your horse's. We offer tips and advice on how to stay balanced, improve your feel and timing, and communicate more effectively with your horse. 

After a few hours of riding in the arena and out on the trails, you're both feeling tired but satisfied. You dismount and give your horse a well-deserved pat on the neck, grateful for all the progress he's made. You know that you still have things to learn and work on, but you're excited to continue your journey together. 

With the Dream Horse Academy you get more than just "training"...


You get a lifetime support system too.


As the lesson comes to a close, your horse is untacked, groomed and cooled off, and goes back to his stall to eat and rest. 

Then we head to the lounge area of the barn where we sit down with you and go over our "Success Kit". This includes a detailed summary of everything your horse has learned during his training, and a personalized game plan for maintaining his skills and fitness at home.


There’s also information on how to access our online training platform, which includes horsemanship videos, articles, and training resources, as well as a virtual coaching feature where you can ask questions and submit riding videos for feedback.

All this information and support ensures that:

1. Your horse doesn't regress because you know how to maintain his training at home.

2. You don't forget what you learned during the lesson. 

3. You have the resources and tools you need to keep getting better. 

4. You have an instant, direct line to us if you ever have questions or get stuck. 

Finally, to cap off a great day of horsemanship, we all head to a famous local BBQ place to celebrate. After an evening of delicious food and great conversation, you head back to your room and sink into the soft bed, exhausted but content.


And the best part? 

That was just DAY ONE...

Day One of an amazing new partnership you'll enjoy for many years to come. 


Tomorrow you'll be hauling your horse back home, and you're excited to get started on your next adventure together. You fall asleep with a smile on your face, knowing that you and your horse are on the road to success.

Dream Horse Academy unlocks this future for you.

And here's how it works: 

To get started, just fill out the application form at the bottom of this page. 


It's super simple and easy.


Or click the button to book a free consultation call. This call is your opportunity to dig into the training format, share details about your horse and what you're looking to accomplish, and discover if our program is a good fit. If it is, we'll discuss next steps and how to confirm your horse's spot in the program.


After that, we'll create an account for you on our platform where documents, communication and your horse's training update videos will be shared. You'll use it to stay in the loop, follow your horse's progress, and get an in-depth look at our training program as you prepare for your lesson day. 

And finally, when your lesson day arrives, you'll travel to Noble Farm in Newbury, Ohio to enjoy the ultimate horsemanship experience. 

To sum up, here's everything you get...

Horse Training: 2.5 hours per day, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks.

Accomodation: World class care, nutrition, farrier and veterinary services for your horse.

Hospitality: Help with travel, horse transport and scheduling. 

Communication: Update calls, emails, and videos detailing your horse's progress.

Lesson Day: Full day lesson with your horse at our farm ($800 value alone). 

Membership & Support: Courses and videos plus lifetime coaching ($2700 value alone). 

There's also the added value of the horse to consider. As a result of this program your horse will have a complete foundation and level of training that puts them well above industry standard "broke" horses selling for $20,000 or more. Today's market is starving for well-trained horses 2-7 years old, and with this foundation on your horse, you'll be holding a precious asset that will always be in demand. Take great care of him, and he'll hold that value for the next 15-20 years. 

Let's get started!

If you want a training program that gets transformational results — schedule a call using the calendar below, and we'll be in touch. 

Questions? Please email

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