Lundahl  DNA



Making Advanced Horsemanship Accessible.



Inspire humans to become thinking horsemen. Transform horses into performers. Pursue higher achievement in the arena and out on the trail - fueling partnerships that inspire a world of dreams and emotions



We strive to embody our team values of Passion, Respect, Innovation, Determination and Excellence:


| Passion — Horsemanship isn’t just something you do. We believe horsemanship is an experience to be embraced wholeheartedly with pride and enthusiasm. It’s certainly not without challenges, but these challenges remind us that we are part of a unique and extraordinary world tradition that inspires huge emotions in all of us. We relish the opportunities to set ambitious goals. We are driven by our passion for riding and training horses of all kinds, both in the arena and out on the trail.



| Respect — Horse training is an endeavor that demands competence, rewards integrity, and necessitates personal growth. We believe in giving and earning respect at all times: Respect for and from our horses, our fellow horsemen, our competitors, and the process of horsemanship itself. Success will not happen without strenuous effort to improve ourselves every single day.



| Innovation — Horsemanship is a unique proving ground where tradition and innovation combine to push horse and human capabilities forward. We are proud of our heritage and the horsemanship tradition we take part in. Yet we are determined to keep writing new history. We believe in honoring the past while pursuing the future; not only to accomplish our goals in the saddle, but to share our passion for horsemanship with others in new and impactful ways.



| Determination — Passion and emotion are inherent in everything we do. But we believe that determination is the bedrock of character. The gritty, relentless pursuit of our goals defines who we are. We lean into discomfort and embrace change. We believe in going the extra mile, whether it is recognized or not. We take pride in our work ethic, and we value loyalty and dedication over personal gain.



| Excellence — We aim to deliver results that dramatically exceed expectations. But while we have full confidence in our program, we continue observing the horse world with open-minded curiosity to help grow our own competencies. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence on a daily basis.