At a Glance


The feel of a truly soft & refined horse. The confidence. The bond. The adrenaline of maximum performance. Horses inspire huge passion and emotions in us, and we want to share that excitement - along with the practical steps to create it.


We believe horse ownership shouldn't be a mythical quest or a perpetual struggle. It should be like having your very own Ferrari with Fur. Pleasing, comfortable and a great experience to ride. By outward appearances it's perfectly quiet and civilized. Yet under the hood there's serious power and performance handling - loyal, patient and ready to show off what it can do. 


As trainers, our program offers a balance between natural horsemanship and performance training techniques. We believe in working with our horses instead of on or against them. Our goal is to build a foundation of mutual trust and respect with each horse, harness the innate talents of their body and mind, and unlock their full potential. We create partnerships that produce well-rounded, confident equine athletes that are a joy to ride and interact with. 


As clinicians, we teach equestrians to balance their pursuit of knowledge with what we call "practitionership". We believe the ideal horseman is both a self-aware thinker and action-oriented doer in equal measure. Thus, we encourage owners and riders to develop a keen awareness of how their horses' minds and bodies function; while taking practical and powerful steps to improve their relationships.