Lundahl Performance Horses LLC

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At a Glance


We deliver the tools and exercises needed to develop a truly broke horse, and motivate individual horses and riders to achieve their highest level of ability.


We accomplish this through training, lessons, clinics and mentoring. Horses inspire huge passion and emotions in all of us, and we want to share that excitement - along with the practical steps to create it. 


We believe horse ownership shouldn't be a mythical quest or a perpetual struggle. It should be as rewarding and fulfilling as owning a luxury car - your very own Ferrari with Fur. Pleasing, comfortable and a great experience to ride. By outward appearances it's perfectly quiet and civilized. Yet under the hood there's serious horsepower and performance handling - loyal, patient and ready to show off what it can do. 


But make no mistake, we're not touchy-feely natural horsemanship gurus. We don't beat around the bush or deny what it takes to get a horse truly broke. We value accountability and results above everything else. We believe things like confidence, joy and fulfillment are the byproducts of actual accomplishment. These things are the result of taking powerful action to improve you and your horse's life, not prerequisites for action itself.