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Discover the Partner You've Always Wanted

We have a limited number of amazing horses for sale this year. To learn more about our Premier Horses and how we can help take the stress and headache out of finding your new equine partner, click the button below to book a quick 15-minute Discovery Call. There's zero pressure, cost or obligation. We'll get to know you and listen to your needs and riding goals, to determine if there’s an ideal candidate in our program.

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Find Your Perfect Match Without the Stress and Risk of Traditional Horse Shopping

You deserve a safe, dependable partner who builds your confidence, helps advance your horsemanship skills, and is a pleasure to be around. Each horse selected for our Premier Horse Program must meet very high standards based on these criteria:

  1. Looks — Has eye appeal

  2. Pedigree — Excellent bloodlines

  3. Gaits — Relaxed and smooth mover

  4. Temperament — Gets along easily with people, especially children and inexperienced riders

  5. Age — Between five and ten years old is ideal

  6. Outside Riding — Across open fields, water, and trails throughout both our property and off-site locations (multipurpose trails, state parks, etc.)

  7. Rides Well In Groups — Not defensive or domineering toward other horses.

  8. Trailering — Loads, ties, stands quietly, experience hauling to different locations. 

  9. Health & Hooves — Sound and low maintenance, no need for medications or special shoeing.

  10. Talent & Trainability— Smart, willing attitude, well suited for chosen discipline.

Premier Horses are chosen for their pedigree, looks, talent and disposition. They are priced based on these qualities plus the amount of training they have received from us. 


When you buy from Lundahl Performance, you get an amazing horse. A horse that teaches you, and unlocks new doors on your horsemanship journey. You also get the long-term support you need from professional horsemen with skin in the game. We match you with the perfect horse, work with you 1-on-1 to ensure compatibility, equip you with the knowledge and resources needed for long term success, and provide a direct helpline for any troubleshooting or questions that come up, long after the sale. 


Want more details? Click the button below to book a quick Discovery Call:

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