Jake Lundahl



Jake Lundahl was born October 15th, 1991 in Wayne, Nebraska. He grew up on his family's farm and - with the Lundahls being in the cattle business - was surrounded by livestock from a very early age. As a youngster Jake participated in the usual sports and 4-H activities. He enjoyed football and baseball, and still follows Major League Baseball and the Nebraska Cornhuskers to this day.


The Lundahls always had horses, but Jake's passion wasn't truly ignited until age 14. At the time, Jake's younger sister was bitten by the horse bug, and had a new gelding to show in 4-H. Though well trained in some respects, the horse was becoming pushy, cantankerous and difficult to handle as time went on. After hearing about the troubles the Lundahls were having, a friend loaned Jake his collection of training videos from various clinicians.


Jake was instantly hooked. He spent hours practicing what he saw on the videos with his sister's horse and his dad's older gelding; excited by the positive changes in both animals. For Jake, horses were no longer an enigma. He was learning how to correctly interact with them, gaining more confidence in the saddle, and discovering how rewarding horsemanship could be.


The Lundahls purchased additional horses soon after, and it was evident that Jake was destined to be a professional horseman. While in high school, he worked with several local trainers to gain professional experience. It wasn’t long before Jake was taking in outside horses for training, teaching riding lessons, and traveling around the country competing in everything from stock horse shows to Mustang Makeover events.


In 2010 Jake left home for his first of several apprenticeships. He earned his place as a student under multiple prominent horsemen, including an NCHA futurity champion, a world-renowned clinician, and an NRCHA two million dollar rider. In 2017 Jake brought his apprenticeship phase to an end, and Lundahl Performance Horses was founded in Wakefield, Nebraska.  


Jake has extensive experience starting two-year-old performance horses under saddle. His primary interest is in reined cowhorses. Right now, Jake's efforts are focused on the performance horse program and the Horseman's Academy. He also conducts lessons and clinics, and trains all-around horses as his schedule allows. 


A motorsports fan for as long as he can remember, Jake loves any kind of racing - especially stock car racing and Formula One. Jake's other hobbies include writing and graphic design. He's also a lover of political and military history, and even has past experience with Civil War reenacting. While he doesn't have much time for reading these days, he's an avid podcast and audiobook listener on these subjects. 


"The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself." 

"The difference between a failure and a high performance individual is how each deals with fear." 

"When you don't feel like practicing, remember: Somewhere, someone else is practicing. And when they meet you, they will beat you." 

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