Private Lesson  FAQ


Here are the most common inquiries regarding private lessons. For pricing and availability, you can book a quick Strategy Session at your convenience.

| What locations can you travel to?

If you live anywhere in the United States, we can easily travel to your location. We travel outside the U.S. as well, though our services are subject to additional taxes and fees imposed by the host country. 

| What are your facility requirements? 

We don't need a world-class facility to achieve great results. Some clients will rent an arena or local fairgrounds to host their lesson, but this isn't required. In fact, we would rather work with you and your horse on your home turf; seeing how you naturally interact, rooting out problems or bad habits, and making the best use of the space you have available.  The only exception to this rule would be a lesson focused on colt starting; where it's important to have a quality round pen and enclosed arena for safety reasons. 

| Are helmets required for lesson participants?

No. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to wear an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet during their lesson. 

| Will the instructor be riding my horse at all?

Yes. In contrast to the sit-on-the-fence-and-yell method of most trainers, we take a far more active, intensive, and hands-on approach. At our discretion, we may temporarily take your horse from you in order to demonstrate an exercise, work through a spot of resistance, or to avoid a potential safety issue if the horse is being reactive or disrespectful. We're not content to stand idly by as you grind through hours of fruitless struggle, or get in a dangerous situation with your horse. When necessary, we will step in.

| If I host a private lesson, do I have to arrange travel?

No, we can take care of all necessary logistics. Our goal is to make organizing a lesson as easy and friction-less as possible. We can arrange everything, from flights and hotels to ground transportation.

| Travel can be expensive. What are some ways I could save money when hiring you for a lesson?

Confirming your lesson at least 90 days in advance allows us to book flights at very favorable prices. If available, we're happy to stay in a guest room or spare bedroom instead of paying for a hotel. And if pick-up and drop-off at the airport can be arranged without renting a car or using Uber, that's even better. Best of all, you can share the lesson and split the costs with a few friends, making it extremely affordable.

| What equipment will I need? 

A well-fitting saddle and pad; leg protection for the horse (splint boots or polo wraps); bridle with snaffle bit, leather curb strap, and split or mecate reins; rope halter with 12 to 14-foot lead rope; training stick and string; cowboy boots and spurs. 

| What is the process for booking a private lesson? 

If you’re ready for the tools and exercises to dramatically improve your horse's performance, contact us and schedule a quick Strategy Session. We'll call you directly to answer questions, discuss your goals for a lesson, and sketch out a game plan!