Performance Program


Our performance training program is best suited for horses with excellent bloodlines, good conformation, athletic ability, and trainable dispositions. 


Because of the specialized nature of this program, we work very closely with performance horse owners to determine their needs and goals. We strive to maximize each horse's capabilities through our balanced and consistent training regimen. 


If you're looking to give your two year old the best possible start, you've come to the right place. Our two year old program is the flagship of our business. We take tremendous pride in the results we produce with young horses. Instead of relegating colts and fillies to the back burner while focusing on the three year olds, we go all-in; putting their needs at the forefront during this crucial development stage.


If you have an older horse in need of tuning - or a complete overhaul - we'll help you overcome the obstacles currently holding you back from success. Being capable teachers as well as trainers, we ensure that you can replicate the exercises and skills we introduce to your horse; boosting your confidence and capability as a rider. Everything we do is practical (not preachy), relevant (not touchy feely), and actionable (not theoretical). We get right to the bottom line of what you and your horse can do right now to improve your partnership and boost your performance.


The unique commitments, risks and costs of competitive training are not for everyone. However, we do offer flexible options to make our program more affordable, without compromising on the time we need to deliver powerful results.


We start with a minimum three-month commitment. From there, we can expand and tailor the program to suit your horse's talent level, your budget, and the ambitions you have for your equine athlete. 


If you're serious about maximizing your horse's potential then you're a perfect fit for Lundahl Performance. For in-depth information and program pricing, click here to book a 45-minute Strategy Session. We'd love to learn about your goals, help you create a blueprint for your horse's success, and start taking massive action to make it a reality.