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Turn Fast. Stop Big. Be Electric.

We specialize in starting and developing reining and cowhorse prospects. We offer everything your equine athlete needs to maximize their potential including world-class care and nutrition, professional facilities, and a training approach that builds confidence and longevity. Ready to experience the thrills and excitement? Click below.

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The side view of a rider in jeans, cowboy leather chaps and shirt on a reining horse slide
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Want a Ferrari with fur? We'll give you the keys...


You've seen the Derbies and the Futurities. You've watched the laws-of-physics-defying spins and rollbacks. You've felt the adrenaline rush and experienced the hair-raising spectacle of a full speed rundown or fence turn.

You want to do that yourself.


You're ready to get out of the bleachers and into the arena. You own a talented horse with lots of potential. You're eager to learn and you're ready to go for it all. 

Lundahl Performance will get you there. 


We're the ones who bridge the gap for newbies to become high rollers.


Better training methods. Better behaved horses. Horses that win. Owners that bring home hardware and bragging rights... that's what we're all about. 


Based in Newbury Ohio, we work with performance horses and owners of all ages and skill-levels. Our mission is to deliver the best experience possible when it comes to your training and skill development, so that you and your horse can enter the show pen with elite presence, trust, and grit.

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