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"Teaching A Horse To Spin"

Raw training session with a young cowhorse, demonstrating the "Forward & Around" exercise for teaching spins. How to introduce this maneuver while building confidence in the horse.

Discover the proven system to advance your feel and timing, leave behind chaos and mediocrity, and ascend to higher levels of confidence and success with your horses!

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00:00 — Introduction & Prerequisite Body Controls

01:30 — The Forward & Around Exercise

03:30 — Psychology Behind Why This Works

05:57 — Teaching Steps

07:30 — What To Do If The Horse Runs Out of the Turn

10:09 — How This Builds Desire In The Horse

12:02 — Making Corrections "Inside" vs. "Outside" of the Turn

15:25 — The Importance of Mental Commitment

18:05 — "Forward" vs. "Sucked Back" Horses

19:09 — Build the Release of Pressure Into the Maneuver

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