Your horse spends 8 weeks with us, and unlocks a lifetime of trust and confidence.




Dear Fellow Horse Owner,

If you're like me, you want to enjoy every moment you spend with your horse. You want a horse that's quiet, safe, respectful and willing. You want a horse that's soft and responsive to your cues, but not overly sensitive. You want a horse that's confident and relaxed, but not too dull and sluggish. In other words, 


You Want a Well-Rounded, Experienced Partner That You Can Trust Anywhere.

And chances are, you already own a horse that could potentially be a great fit for what you're looking to do.


Whether it's a colt that needs started, an older horse needing a tune-up, or a horse with bad habits needing a "reset" on their foundation — you know deep down that they have the ability. They just need the proper guidance. 


So you're looking for a way to invest in your horse's future, realize their full potential, and make both of your lives better. 


The only trouble is, like many horse owners, you may lack the necessary time or experience to train the horse yourself. Or maybe you've tried to do it yourself, and encountered behavioral problems or major resistance that's stalled your progress. 

And Guess What? That's Normal.


And you're not alone. Horse training can be stressful, time-consuming and labor-intensive.


But just because your horse may be struggling in some areas, is green or lacks discipline, that doesn't make them a bad horse. And it doesn't make you a bad owner if you're looking for professional guidance. 

Over the past 12 years, 

Amy and I Have Helped Hundreds of Horse Owners Overcome These Exact Challenges.


We've started and trained everything from $250,000 futurity prospects, to $250 rescue horses. We've worked with owners from all walks of life.


They've seen the transformational results our program creates. They've felt the difference.


And the bottom line is, no matter the horse's breed, training level or intended discipline, our program gives them the ultimate foundation. 


A Foundation for a Better Partnership, that Lasts a Lifetime.


We start on the ground with round penning, lunging, yielding, flexing, and desensitizing exercises to earn your horse's trust and respect, while correcting any bad habits or behavioral issues.


If your horse hasn't been ridden before, or had previous bad experiences with the saddle, we meticulously prepare for this next stage. We ensure that your horse is set up for success, and that our first saddling and first rides go smoothly. These crucial steps will set a positive tone for the rest of your horse's career. 


Once we're consistently riding your horse every day, the training sessions are split between: 

  • Training in the Arena

  • Training on the Trail

  • Groundwork Refinement

  • Obstacle Work

  • Hobble Training


Nothing "revolutionary" here. No behind-the-barn secrets. No gimmicks.


Just solid, practical horsemanship.

Pretty Straightforward Stuff, Right?

The real difference is in the consistency and structure of our training. 


On average, we dedicate 2 and 1⁄2  hours per day, 6 days per week, to your horse. That level of consistency guarantees that your horse gets the repetition and experience needed to make rapid, permanent progress. 

We follow a proven, step-by-step framework that gets results with any horse. But we also have the experience to adapt and tweak the exercises, to suit your horse's individual needs.


We know what to focus on — and when — to unlock every drop of talent your horse offers. 

Then It's Time to Feel the Results for Yourself.


Once your horse has completed the 8-week training program, you’ll be invited to spend an entire day with myself or Amy as we walk you through all the new things your horse knows. 


You’ll work with your horse in the arena, on the obstacle course and on the trail so you can thoroughly understand how he’s been trained. We’ll walk you through every exercise to make sure you’re getting fully in tune with one other, so you have the knowledge and tools to continue your new partnership at home. 

We also extend that same level of communication and support well after your horse's training is completed. We offer follow-up lesson packages. We're on call any time you need help or advice. We do everything we can to ensure your long-term success. 

At this point it should be obvious that our program goes above and beyond what the average horse trainer offers. But you're probably wondering, 

How Much Is This Going to Cost?


Training is $425 per week. Board is $150 per week. And this includes your full-day lesson once your horse's training is complete, which is a $900 value. 


All together, it's $4600 for the entire 8-week program.


And indeed, you get what you pay for: 


World-Class Training And Care for Your Horse. 


Plus free lifetime help and support.


As an owner myself, I understand the level of commitment required to make this kind of investment in your horse's future. It's something I take extremely seriously.


And you can bet we'll train and care for your horse as if he were one of our own. Amy and I have helped hundreds of horse owners experience that transformation, and we'd love to help you too. 



The bottom line is, our program works.


I'm Confident You'll Be Amazed at the Softness, Control and Confidence Your Horse Will Acquire.


When your horse becomes a more respectful, educated, and motivated partner it will open new doors and pathways for both of you on your horsemanship journey.

But As You Might Imagine, This Program Isn't for Everyone.


There are certain (reasonable, but important) criteria that need to be met, to ensure you and your horse get the most out of this experience. Here they are: 

  • Your horse is 11 years of age or younger.

There are some possible exceptions to this, but we typically don't allow horses older than 11 for health and safety reasons. 

  • Your horse is in good physical condition.

Your horse has good weight, with no history of lameness or chronic health issues. 

  • You understand that this is an 8-week commitment.

We're not doing thirty-day wonders here. If you want your horse trained cheap and quick, there are plenty of feedlot cowboys who'll buck 'em out for 500 a month. 

  • You're open to learning and following directions. 

If you're teachable and willing to try new things with your horse, even if they seem counter-intuitive at first, chances are you're a perfect fit for our style of horsemanship. 

That's it! Those are all our requirements. 

Here's What To Do Next: 


If you've met the above criteria and would like to talk to me personally about getting incredible results for you and your horse, then I'll happily set aside time to discuss this program with you.

In fact, I've set up this little calendar thingy that allows you to pick the date and time for a brief chat with me. 


It's super simple and easy! 


All you have to do is fill in your contact info so I know how to get in touch with you. And provide a few details about yourself and your horse so I get an idea of where you're both at right now, your goals, and so forth. 


There's no cost or obligation, and you can click the button below to get started: 


Here's What Happens After That: 

I'll give you a call at the date and time you choose. 


This initial call will be around 30 minutes. We'll get down to the nitty-gritty, and really figure out where you and your horse are currently at, where you want to be, and the exact steps to make that happen. 

If it looks like our program would be a great fit for you, and your horse is accepted, we'll discuss next steps at that point.


But hey, first things first! Go ahead and apply. 


Fair Warning — Time Is A Factor!  


Because of the intense amount of one-on-one attention needed to get results for each horse and owner, it's physically impossible for us to work with more than a handful at any given time. 

That's why we work in "sets" where we block off 8 weeks at a time for each group of 4 horses in training. We refuse to cheapen the quality of our work by taking in higher numbers. But that also means a limited number of horses will be accepted.


So if you feel like this is right for you, there's no harm in applying early. 

Click below to drop me a note, and I'll be in touch.



Talk soon, 

Jake Lundahl