At Lundahl Performance horses, we believe in thinking outside the box. 

We believe everyone should experience the joy & fulfillment of horsemanship success. 

With everything we do, we're helping horses and humans discover their true potential. 

Fueling partnerships that inspire a world of dreams & emotions. 

Horseman's Academy


When you ride a horse that's truly soft, confident and dialed-in, it's a feeling you never forget. And we believe it's a feeling every horse owner deserves. That's why we're proud to announce the launch of the Lundahl Performance Horseman's Academy - a breakthrough in advanced horsemanship learning. This high-performance program is for riders determined to become Thinking Horsemen and achieve new levels of excellence.


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Training Programs


An amazing partnership with a horse doesn't just happen. It requires a smart program, maximum consistency, and a proactive game plan for maintaining that achievement over the long term. That's where we come in. Every day, we help horses and owners transform their relationships and unlock life changing potential.


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For colts and fillies with excellent reining or cow horse bloodlines. Focused and consistent development. Turns green prospects into well-broke, confident, reliable

show horses.


Intense training for colts that need started under saddle, older horses needing a tune-up, or problem horses needing remedial training. Turns uneducated or problem horses into respectful

and willing partners.

Teaching Programs


We believe horsemanship is both a mental game and a physical one. That's why we seek out owners and riders who resonate with our beliefs. We value results above all else, and we work with high-performance people who are serious about their horsemanship goals. 


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Private Lesson

Hands-on workshop brought directly to you and your horse. Lessons span multiple days and cover a range of subjects depending on your needs; from colt starting and problem solving to riding with confidence and performance horse maneuvers.  


Become a Thinking Horseman. Real world lessons combined with courses and coaching. A complete mentoring program for aspiring riders and trainers. A community of horsemen who are passionate about learning and advancing their skills.


Get Motivated

Become laser-beam focused! Develop an action-oriented plan for elevating your horsemanship to new levels. Set motivating goals for your horse and yourself, and zero in on your game plan to achieve them.

Gain Experience

Safely and confidently apply professional-level training techniques with your horse. Learn from a proven system as you gain proficiency and rock-solid confidence in all aspects of your horsemanship.

Lundahl Mission


Lundahl Performance is a unique future-focused horsemanship team. We work with equine enthusiasts of all stripes. Together we're accomplishing great things with horses, and we strive to embody the Vision, Mission and Values which guide us as we tackle our day-to-day challenges. 


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Amy Keegel

Best known for teaching private lessons and clinics all over the country. At home, she's devoted to youth riding lessons and bringing all manner of horses through our eight-week training program. 

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Jake Lundahl

Best known for starting and developing performance horse prospects. Beyond everyday training and sales, he's devoted to mentoring Horsemen's Academy members around the world. 

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