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Legal disclosures

Facebook advertising
This website is not a part of the Facebook website or Meta Platforms, Inc. Additionally, this website is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of Meta Platforms, Inc.

Risks of equine training
This website is operated by Lundahl Horsemanship LLC (hereafter referred to as "Lundahl Performance", “Jake Lundahl”, “Amy Lundahl”, "company," "we," "us," or "our"). Through our websites,, and (collectively, "Website"), we offer equine training products and services (collectively, "Products and Services") for sale. These Products and Services provide general equine training information, examples and techniques that may or may not be suitable for everyone. Equine training can be a hazardous activity. Your safety is beyond the control expressed in our videos, books, lectures, and other training materials and services. Therefore you accept all responsibility for your safety. Jake Lundahl and his associates will not assume any liability for your activities. No warranty is given regarding the suitability of this information or the examples and techniques for you, your horse or other individuals acting under your direction. Familiarity with the Lundahl Performance training program, and one-on-one instruction with Jake or Amy Lundahl, is suggested before attempting these training methods.

Success and results
Representations of success or results made by Lundahl Horsemanship LLC,,,, Jake Lundahl, Amy Lundahl, and their advertisers/sponsors (collectively, "Lundahl Performance") are aspirational statements only of your potential results. The success of Jake and Amy Lundahl, the success of their clients, testimonials, and other examples used are not intended to be, nor are they, a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and your results will depend on your individual capacity, work ethic, horsemanship skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying the instructional materials correctly, your horse’s natural abilities and personality, and the normal risks of equine training.

Sponsor and affiliate disclosures
Lundahl Horsemanship LLC, and Jake Lundahl personally, may receive compensation for products or services recommended or referred to you via word of mouth, written communication, or electronic communication such as an affiliate link to a third-party website where the recommended product or service is sold. Jake Lundahl personally uses all recommended products and services unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you do not want Lundahl Horsemanship LLC or Jake Lundahl to be compensated for a recommendation, then we advise that you search online for the item through a non-affiliate link.

Contact us

Do you have questions about any of the Lundahl Performance programs? Are you wondering if our training services, content, or horsemanship instruction will work for you? Please email We’d be happy to discuss your unique challenges and goals, and how Lundahl Performance may help you! 


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