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Discover the Greatness in Your Horse

Purpose • Partnership • Performance

We Help People and Horses Reach Their Potential Through a Clear Path to Mastery

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Lundahl Performance helps you achieve audacious goals while reclaiming time, safety, fun, and freedom in your horse life.


We make advanced horsemanship accessible, blending timeless principles with an approach that's fresh and unique. Our training unlocks performance, connection, and confidence you can feel with push-button consistency.


Whether you're a competitive or casual rider, you will experience transformative results in yourself and your horse.

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The Horseman's Academy

Complete Mentorship Program


Stop guessing how to get better.

Get a roadmap from zero to mastery instead.

How It Works

🧠 "How much better can my horse be?" 

We start with an assessment to determine your current skill level and identify any gaps in your horse's training. In areas where you're behind, we help you understand why. Our detailed roadmap shows exactly where your horse is at in relation to objective milestones. You'll see how much you and your horse can improve, and what steps are needed to become a better team.

📋 Training plans tailored to fit you

With this insight, we create a custom training plan tailored to your horse's needs and your riding goals. This step-by-step plan outlines every training session, so you know what to work on, why, when, and how. You'll work smarter, with confidence that you're focused on the right things.

🥇 Gold-standard instruction

We help you develop greater feel, intuition, and mastery around horses, so you become your own trainer. We teach you a proven methodology and process; how to think, solve problems, and be more effective. With thousands of horses trained and riders coached, we know a thing or two about getting results. When you work with us, expect massive breakthroughs with the right mix of challenge and fun.


📚 Flexible learning options

Choose a starting point that fits your needs and goals! The ONLINE program is ideal if you want powerful, personalized mentorship delivered in a flexible way. The LESSON-FIRST program combines the online training with three consecutive days of hands-on implementation that gets you and your horse on the right track instantly. Finally, our TRAINING-FIRST program offers the ultimate white-glove experience. You get the total package; six weeks of transformational training for your horse, plus everything else including the hands-on instruction and a year of personalized coaching.

Not sure which option is best? Here's how they stack up:

TRAINING-FIRST ($15,000 value)

ONLINE (Assessment + Coaching)

LESSON-FIRST ($8,000 value)

$400 / month



  • Six-week intensive training curriculum for your horse, followed by a breakthrough 3-day private lesson at our facility.


  • Includes online learning access and 12 months of coaching.


  • Updates and re-assessments every 6 weeks. 

  • Also includes special box-set of physical media and training tools to jumpstart your success.



  • Three-day private lesson with rapid implementation.

  • Can be held at our facility or at your location.

  • Online program and 12 months of personalized coaching included. 

  • Updates and re-assessments every 6 weeks. 

  • Monthly and one-time payment plans available.


  • Comprehensive online training system with videos, study guides, testing, and more.

  • Core curriculum supplemented with live coaching calls and a personalized riding plan for you and your horse. 


  • Unlimited riding video assessments and one-on-one communication with your trainer. 

  • Ideal for those who prefer learning at their own pace.


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