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Training that Transforms

Discover the Greatness in Your Horse

Purpose. Partnership. Performance.

Experience the Joy and Fulfillment of Riding a High Level Horse

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Hi, I’m Jake Lundahl. Welcome to Lundahl Performance!


If you’re new here, it’s likely because you’re on the hunt for better horsemanship. Maybe you want to improve your horse’s level of training or connect with them in a more profound way. Maybe you want to elevate your own skills and grow your confidence. Maybe you’re a performance horse owner looking for superior results. Maybe “all of the above”. 


The bottom line is, we can help.


We have information about horse training and psychology that is worth your time. And I promise you — it’s not the same old clichés you’re used to hearing from other clinicians and gurus. What we offer is a methodology and a way of thinking that’s new, fresh, and different.

Here is what’s important for you to know:

  • The training system we teach at Lundahl Performance is called the “High Level Pathway” (HLP). This approach breaks down the feel, skills, and mechanics of elite performance horses into step-by-step building blocks (like Lego) that anyone can learn and apply. 

  • HLP is changing lives. We serve an awesome community of horse owners around the country who are having fun mastering new skills, winning more ribbons and buckles, and riding with exceptional confidence.

  • You can join the adventure by listening to our Horseman's Academy Podcast or signing up for our newsletter to watch free training videos on Advanced Body Control, Spins, and Flying Lead Changes.


For questions about hands-on training or coaching, you can send a direct email here

I look forward to helping you experience the feeling of elite connection with your horse, and demonstrating the true value the High Level Pathway offers to amateur riders, performance horse owners, and professional trainers.

To your horsemanship success,


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Jake Lundahl

Lundahl Performance Horses

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