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Purpose. Partnership. Performance.

Experience the Joy and Fulfillment of Horsemanship Success

Jake Lundahl, Lundahl Performance Horses, Advanced Horsemanship, Reining, NRHA, Horse

Hi, I'm Jake Lundahl. I'm a professional horseman based out of northeast Ohio. At our facility there, my wife Amy and I train horses and coach aspiring riders. We also travel, teach clinics and work privately with owners who want to level up their horsemanship skills in a big way.

There's no better feeling than riding a truly soft and refined horse. The confidence... the bond... the adrenaline of maximum performance... horses inspire huge passion and emotions in us, and we want to share that excitement — along with the practical steps to create it.

We believe horsemanship shouldn't be a perpetual struggle. It should be like owning a Ferrari with Fur. Pleasing, comfortable and a great experience to ride. By outward appearance, perfectly quiet and civilized. Loyal, patient, and — when you ask for it — ready to show off the power and performance handling that you control with a feather light touch. Lundahl Performance exists to get you there.


If you're wondering, "how good can my horse and I be?", and you want the real answer to that question... we can help. We serve an awesome community of horse owners who are mastering new skills, having more fun with their horses, winning more ribbons and buckles, and riding with exceptional confidence. 


The foundation of all this success is the High Level Pathway, our unique training system that distills the feel, skills, and mechanics of elite western performance horses into a step-by-step program that anyone can learn and apply.

The process of discovering, applying, refining, and teaching the High Level Pathway is a grand adventure that continues today. You can join us on this adventure in several ways: 

For questions about hands-on training, clinics, or coaching, you can send me a direct email here or use the contact form on the page for the service you're interested in.


To your horsemanship success!


Jake Lundahl

Jake Lundahl, Lundahl Performance Horses, Horse Training, Horsemanship, Advanced Horsemanship, Reining, Cowhorse, NRHA, NRCHA, Professional Horseman, Horse, Show Horse | Purpose. Partnership. Performance. We help people achieve greater results and happiness with their horses. Colt Starting | Advanced Horsemanship | Horse Training | Horsemanship Clinics | Lundahl Performance Horses

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