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Unlock your horse's potential and maximize safety, results and happiness

DREAM HORSE ACADEMY builds the ultimate foundation of trust and confidence in your horse, and sets both of you on the path to long term success.

Who it's for


The Academy training program is for horse owners who have a colt that needs started, or a horse with longstanding problems that needs a "reset" on its foundation. Maybe you lack the time and consistency to train your own horse by yourself. Or maybe you're overwhelmed by a horse that's become difficult, and you want to transform your relationship for the better. In either case, if you want to do things the right way from the start — and you want far better results than the average horse trainer can deliver — we have the time, expertise, and training system to help.



What it helps you achieve


The goal is to give your horse the ultimate all-around foundation and set both of you up for success. The Academy program eliminates stress, confusion and mediocrity by speeding up the learning process on two fronts. First, your horse's training is rapidly advanced to a higher level. He develops rock-solid confidence in his job and the ability to "fill in the gaps" where your own feel and timing as a rider are still developing. In other words, your horse becomes well trained enough that he can actually help teach you. These new skills and habits become like jet fuel for your own improvement as a horseman. Then we show you exactly how to maintain your new partnership and keep building on those results long term. Your horse's transformation, combined with personalized coaching and support, produces a life-changing outcome for you both.



How it works


Every day for 8 weeks, your horse receives approximately 2.5 hours of work on the ground and under saddle. He learns better habits and essential "skills that scale" —  building the ultimate foundation for success. It all culminates in a Lesson Day where you get to experience the life-changing results firsthand, practice the new exercises your horse has learned, and enjoy riding him at his highest level. 

What your horse learns


Training begins on the ground with round penning, lunging, yielding, flexing, and desensitizing exercises. This builds your horse's confidence, earns his trust and attention, and gives us a chance to root out and correct any bad habits or behavioral issues. If your horse hasn't been ridden before, or had previous bad experiences with the saddle, we meticulously prepare for the next stage. We ensure that your horse is set up for success, and that our first saddling and first rides in the round pen go smoothly. These crucial first steps set a positive tone for the rest of your horse's career. Once he's graduated from the round pen and we're riding consistently every day, the training sessions are split between: 

  • Groundwork and riding in the indoor and outdoor arenas. 

  • Training on outdoor trails and loping paths.

  • Groundwork refinement.

  • Obstacles, jumps and water crossings. 

  • Tying, hobbling and trailer training. 

  • Hauling to different locations. 

  • Riding quietly alone and in groups.

Depending on the horse's breed and your own riding goals, we tailor the latter half of the program to advance your horse's skills in the primary discipline or activity of your choice. For example, if your horse has western performance breeding and will show in reining or reined cowhorse one day, we establish the building blocks for advanced maneuvers like spins and sliding stops — with an emphasis on refined body control, collection, and softness.



What happens next


Once your horse has completed the 8-week Academy program, it's time to experience the results for yourself. You’re invited to spend an entire day (or several days) at Lundahl Performance as we walk you through all the new things your horse has learned. You’ll work with your horse in the arena, on the obstacle course and on the trail so you can thoroughly understand how he’s been trained and where all his new “buttons” are. We’ll walk you through every exercise to make sure you’re getting fully in tune with one another, so you have the tools to continue your new partnership at home. 



What others are saying



Here's everything you get


Horse Training: 2.5 hours per day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks.

Accommodation: World class care, nutrition, farrier and veterinary services for your horse.

Hospitality: Help with travel, horse transport and scheduling. 

Communication: Update calls, emails, and videos detailing your horse's progress.

Lesson Day: Full day lesson with your horse at our farm ($900 value alone). 

Success Kit: Notes, training videos and guides plus lifetime coaching ($1700 value alone). 



How to get started


If you’re a horse owner with a colt ready to begin their career under saddle, or an older horse needing a better foundation — and you're interested in a program that gets transformational results — schedule a call using the calendar below, and we'll get in touch with you to see if our Academy training program is a good fit. If you have any questions, please email

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