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Learn new skills, have more fun, and level up your horsemanship

UPLEVEL is an intensive private lesson experience that boosts your confidence, improves your riding, and enables you and your horse to achieve more together.


Who It's For


Our Uplevel program is for horse owners who want better 1-on-1 coaching than traditional riding lessons or horsemanship clinics can offer. Many of these owners are novices trying to improve their riding skills and develop confidence. Others are intermediate riders who need the motivation and support to try something new that they've always wanted to do with their horses. And some are advanced riders or non-pro reining/cowhorse competitors who need help refining things to maximize their horse's potential. 



What It Helps You Achieve


The goal is to level up your horsemanship quickly while eliminating stress and hassle. Expect to accomplish the following: ​

  • Identify the problems and bad habits currently sabotaging your horse's progress.

  • Get a personalized game plan to overcome what's holding you back. 

  • Gain focus, clarify your goals, and learn specific exercises to achieve them. 

  • Speed up the learning process, reduce stress, and eliminate trial-and-error. 

  • Build confidence and have more fun with your horse. 



How It Works


Come ride with us at our Ohio facility — or — fly us out to where you live and ride. We'll spend between 2 and 10 consecutive days delivering focused, personalized instruction. It's like a private clinic designed exclusively for you and your horse. Most participants choose to ride solo, but you're welcome to share the experience with family or a small group of friends — up to 5 riders total — with similar interests and goals. We tailor the framework to suit your needs and deliver the ultimate program to level up your horsemanship: 

Training: 2 or more days of hands-on horsemanship instruction (no detail is missed).
Success Kit: Notes and guides to review after the lesson, so no progress is lost. 

Membership: Online courses and videos with lifetime subscription ($1700 value alone). 
Coaching: 2x 1-hour weekly follow up calls where you can ask questions and get answers.
Support: Get 24/7 support via email/chat with Jake or Amy.


What You'll Learn


The Uplevel format is customized for your riding needs and goals. We work with you to determine what priorities to focus on, what exercises to implement, and the best way to structure them. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here's a few examples of Uplevel lessons we've taught recently:

  1. Syracuse, NY: Helped a non-pro cowhorse competitor refine lead changes and sliding stops. 

  2. Cleveland, OH: Helped a non-pro reining horse owner fix her horse's spins and build confidence.

  3. Nashville, TN: Worked on all-around horsemanship skills with a group of recreational riders.

  4. Cleveland, OH: Helped a Percheron owner fix her horse's habit of pulling away on the lunge line.

  5. Scottsdale, AZ: Helped an owner start two colts under saddle; safe and successful first rides. 

  6. Las Vegas, NV: Worked with a small group of horse owners to refine groundwork and riding skills.



What Others Are Saying

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How To Get Started


If you’re ready for the ultimate horsemanship experience — tailored to your specific needs and riding goals — schedule a call using the calendar below, and we'll get in touch with you to see if our Uplevel lesson package is a good fit.


Questions? Please email

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